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Warren Smith

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Over the past few weeks, a lot of changes happened within the Vatsaf region.
This raised a lot of concerns by the members with no clear answers.
We would like to put you at ease with the following.
Discord :
We found some issue that had developed on the server over time, including difference of opinions, a resolution was found, a decision was made to change servers and bring it in line with policies, and code of conduct of Vatsaf and Vatsim,
Our Vatsaf staff are working hard to restore the Discord server and get it ready in the next few days, an announcement will be made one's all is ready for the relaunch.
Happening :
Vatsaf staff are busy updating the Facebook pages, discord, and website to fall in line with the COC, and policies.
Replacement staff positions will be advertised in the next few days so that members can apply and help grow the community.
On the updated web site, all Vatsaf members will have an opportunity to anonymously put suggestions or grievances about Vatsaf or its vacc's, so that we can improve and assist with the resolution, and put corrective measures in place to assist members and staff.
We hope this brings clarity to the concerns that have been raised.
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Back here again after the motivated discussion for the Region, still there's no support. I have been waiting to speak with someone from VATSAF for the longest. I joined the division, joined the VACC, send emails, joined/message in the Discord group and still no one to respond to my request. 

I have been trying for the longest to get a single rating status change for forever, no support!  We who against all odds, staying with the region, keep it alive gets no help and it's very frustrating. 

What will it take? or what's really needed for this abandoned area to have some development.

You have dedicated individuals who wants to be controllers, bring spice to the region, keep it online, provide coverage and nobody to grant a single RATING. 

I'm just tired and frustrated. I had solo validation for Approach which expired after 3 months during the fall of VATNAF since then nothing, created a ticket in HQ no respond. 

Subject Created By Assigned To Last Updated
Solo Validation GLRB_APP Eldred K*** (1396666)  vACC Staff August 12 2020, 17:51 UTC"

Can someone some where give some support to other parts of Africa, please? Due to the lack of support 80% of pilots/controllers  have gravitated to other services and we know which one it is. 

Who ever is in charge, please let's bring the energy back.  


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