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Vpilot unhandled exceptions

Brian Carter

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Hi guys, sorry to report that my flight from Wednesday 9 September from about 0920z as QFA23 between Karachi and Bahrain was my worst VATSIM experience yet. Nothing at all to do with ATC who were awesome. It was vpilot! Multiple disconnects, at one time four in six minutes.
Then there were two unhandled exceptions and total loss of vpilot each time and had to restart vpilot.. I tried four different servers and no difference, still disconnected.
It settled down in the last 10 minutes and I finished the flight okay. This was only a two hour flight! 
Two others were flying with me and they also suffered issues with vpilot.
I had an update to .6 on log in too.

I’ve over 900 hours on Vatsim so I’m not new to this. Until this flight I’ve had no serious problems apart from a disconnect from time to time. For this flight, internet was good, frame rates were good, using P3Dv4.5 HF3, Active Sky P3D beta 8, PMDG 747-400. 

I generally use the Singapore server, but I tried Switching between USA-West, Canada and Germany 1 as well and still had disconnects.
Apologies for the rant but it was very frustrating!

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