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Emails blocked by Microsoft (including hotmail, live, outlook, msn, etc.)

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There is currently an issue where Microsoft email services (including hotmail, live, outlook, msn, etc.) are blocking all VATSIM emails.  As a result, no matter how many times we try to send any email (including new member information, responses to support tickets, etc.) Microsoft is blocking them from reaching our members.

Until Microsoft resolves the issue, all we can do is suggest that you use a different email service provider to ensure receipt of emails from VATSIM.

If you would like (or need) to change your email address, you may do so via the following link:  https://my.vatsim.net/user/email

(alternatively you can log into your account at my.vatsim.net , click the "Hello, __yourname__" at the top left, and select change email)


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Don Desfosse
Vice President, Membership

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  • Board of Governors

After communications with our email provider, it turned out that a problematic sender also using the IP led to it going onto a reputable blacklist. This was not as the result of any emails that were being sent by VATSIM and the issues resulting in Microsoft domain based emails have been resolved as far as we can tell.


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Matt Bozwood-Davies
 Vice President Technical Development    
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