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Ben Dair

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Hi all.


I'm brand new here and am having the same issue. I've tried two different IP addresses I found in system info on my PC here and get messages in vPilot saying it can't connect. Can anyone point me to a step by step guide to getting on the network as an observer for those of us just starting out?

Many thanks.

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my Vpilot fails to connect using the ip address method as above. What should I be using?? does not work

[10:38:39.454] vPilot version 2.6.7
[10:38:39.726] Performing version check...
[10:38:39.830] Server list download succeeded. 9 servers found.
[10:38:40.139] Version check complete. You are running the latest version.
[10:38:40.141] Checking for updated model matching data...
[10:38:40.654] Model matching data check complete. You have the most up-to-date data.
[10:38:40.665] Checking for changes to installed models...
[10:38:40.687] No changes found.
[10:38:40.726] Listening for remote connections on IP(s):
[10:38:40.731] Attempting simulator connection...
[10:38:41.015] Connected to simulator: KittyHawk (11.0.282174.999)
[10:38:41.016] Custom model matching rules loaded.
[10:38:41.018] Reevaluating model selection for all aircraft
[10:38:41.024] Radio state changed

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Since this I have managed to log in and half connect but now my PC is refusing to connect probs something to do with ports I guess: I switched off the fire wall but no joy trying the windows firewall next

Network error connection failed (10061) no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it 


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Hello, I'm new here, but used to do a lot of flight sim.  Now returning with FS2020.


I've installed VPilot, but cannot connect .  I am being asked a Host Address.  I selected to run vpilot remote.  Can any one tell me what the address is please?

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Hello most grateful for your reply.

I have now in vPilot in host mode.  Everything is on my PC Sim is running and flight selected.

This is the screen I have.  I do not seem to be connected.  There is no connect button..

 Second image is screen when trying host mode. Says its not recognising by login details, but they are correct Sorry to be so dim!




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If you are running vPilot on the same machine as your sim, then you do not use remote or host mode. You use regular vPilot, also known as Standalone Mode.

If you get the invalid CID/password error, then search the forums for many, many, many threads explaining possible causes of that issue.

Developer: vPilot, VRC, vSTARS, vERAM, VAT-Spy

Senior Controller, Boston Virtual ARTCC

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Yes, I imagine if you're tagging onto someone else's thread from 4 months ago, and all you say is "I NEED HELP", especially in all capitals, you need some help.

Now, may I suggest you open a proper thread, in the proper forum, and clearly indicate with challenges you are encountering.  In a community of over 700,000 members, hearing "I need help" is about as clear as you being in the middle of the largest ocean on the planet in a rowboat and yelling "I NEED HELP".  First of all, you need to be more specific, and secondly, with such a generic note, no one is listening....

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Don Desfosse
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