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Is the MSFS 787 not ready for vatsim?

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I am hoping to fly the 787 from MSFS on vatsim but I was told without VNAV its just not ready. I am not so sure about that as this would really just mean that I would just have to use VS mode as I do now. Also he said the direct to function doesn't work for stars and sids and that would be an issues however it can program an approach via a star (i do it currently to follow the AI ATC commands). Anyways, he said without the functions I would be banned. So, with VS mode and approach/departure programming via a star working is this still not enough for IFR airliners?

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> "without the functions I would be banned"

Sigh. I love the persistent myth that people get banned from VATSIM for making mistakes.  It really isn't the case.

Read the Code of Conduct.  Minimum required competencies include maintaining an assigned heading or route, an assigned altitude, and an assigned airspeed, as well as complying with a hold-short or hold-position instruction on the ground.

That being said, if you're cleared on a route and you read back and accept that clearance, you'd best be sure you are able to do what you were cleared to do.  If you can't, get a revised instruction from ATC that you are able to follow.  But, what I recommend is that you do a few test-flights in it first, see what it can and can't do, and then when you get on VATSIM just don't file an RNAV route if you aren't able to fly it accurately.




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I can assure you that you will not be banned for not having VNAV/LNAV capabilities. Fly however you want! As long as you are able to reasonably able to comply with ATC with the equipment available to you then there is no issue whatsoever.

Like Rob said however, if you are unable to do something, say so, and usually the controller can work out another way to make it happen.


I love the persistent myth that people get banned from VATSIM for making mistakes.  It really isn't the case.

Agree. In some way or another, everyone on this network has been, or is currently a beginner to flight simulation. Making mistakes is entirely human and it's how we learn.

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I would much rather control a pilot that can fly HDG and V/S than the ones that start doing things unexpectedly and blame it on their FMS.


There is no requirement to fly a SID/STAR, you can get vectors on DEP/ARR, there is no requirement to be RNAV. Please take note of who is telling you this garbage, and pass it on to Vatsim so they can give this person a polite reminder that they are not running this network.

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On SCO_CTR the other evening, someone was unable to take a direct off the STAR they were on - no problem, gave a heading which took them overhead the point I wanted them to go to.  Any controller will be the same, particularly if they know you're on MSFS with it's flaws at this time.

Your friend is talking nonsense - they may have been kicked off in the past but not because they COULDN'T fly an instruction given, more likely they WOULDN'T fly an instruction given...

Trevor Hannant

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In addition to the above: if you are unable to follow an ATC instruction, please let the controller know. The magic word is "unable" and you should also add a reason why you are unable to do something, e.g. "unable due to FMS limitations" or "unable due to aircraft performance". You get the point.

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All planes supported by the simulators VATSIM endorses are ready to fly on the network (within reason, no flying pigs on X-plane). It is the pilot's responsibility to make sure he/she has the competency required for that specific airframe to perform the procedures he/she requests. You don't need FLCH, you don't need LNAV, those are just tools to reduce pilot workload.

Are you able to manually change the heading during an 18 hour flight? Probably not, or I sure don't hope so. But it doesn't mean it's not ready to be used on the network, and controllers or other pilots are not in any authority to tell you what you are able to do and not. 🙂

If someone tells you (not) to do something and you are unsure of the legitimacy of the statement, use the ".wallop" function to call for help from a supervisor to clear things up. For example: ".wallop ABC_CTR is telling me I can't fly the 787 on the network, is this true?". Supervisors are always there to help you and answer questions about the network!

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 thanks for the input everyone. Just want to give a quick update on how things went with my first go.

 I was I was very nervous but it went great! No need for vnav at all!

 I took I took off from an airport that didn't have a controller and as I entered controlled airspace I contacted ATC. There was a little discrepancy in my flight plan that he ask for clarification about(I'll get it right next time).  I also stumbled over a few words here and there but practice it will get better. Anyways, I had to change from one Runway approach to another as the one I had originally in my flight plan was not available. I was also vectored to the approach via a different route than the published one in order to create enough spacing for the first guy who was making his approach. Used the autopilot the whole way to capture the ILS and made a landing. It all went without a hitch!

 the controller signed off before I got any taxi instructions which was fine because I need more practice on navigating the taxiways and Gates anyways.  I'm looking forward to doing it again!

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Another way to think of this - it's no different from trying to fly the default aircraft in P3D.  

The big tin aren't the only sort of aircraft, a C172 entering CTA in P3D is exactly the same as a C172 entering CTA in MSFS.

So MSFS is supported, but the 787 is not a full simulation  - when the high end addon aircraft are available in MSFS we'll have a great scenery generator and great airliner avionics. 




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