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Every time I install an updated offered by vPilot on application start causes issues. There are times when I start vPilot in order to fly I see pop up message offering an update. When updated is complete I cannot start vPilot. It hangs and my TV speakers or other PC connected speakers are going crazy. I hear loud buzzing noise and vPilot freezes with all other PC or P3D applications. I have to reboot PC several times!!! to get rid of it. I wonder why vPilots updates are so hard on my system. 


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Interesting as I've never had that happen with a vPilot update. Perhaps instead of doing an auto update, uninstall vPilot, download the update from the website, and reinstall vPilot from that update. Not as easy as an auto update, but it would be helpful to know if that caused you the same problems.

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