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[October 18 15-18Z] Discover Galicia

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Enjoy the northwest of Spain and the beautiful sights.

On October 18th, from 15.00z to 18.00z, we will provide full ATC services on the airports of:

  • Vigo (LEVX)
  • Santiago de Compostela (LEST)
  • A Coruña (LECO)

VATSPA will give you the opportunity to fly an IFR to/from these airports or maybe a VFR between them, from a near location.

VFR charts:

IFR charts and information about the three airports.

Edited by Felix Zapata Berlinches

Félix Zapata (1245159)

Events manager / Responsable de eventos (ACCSP4)

Deputy Director / Director Adjunto (ACCSP2)

VATSIM Spain (a.k.a VATSPA)



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Published on the myVATSIM calendar & the VATSIM homepage - https://www.vatsim.net/events/discover-galicia

Also scheduled for the VATSIM Events Social Media Pages:



Layth Al-Wakil (1304151)

Marketing and Communications Team


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