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John Golin

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Just a couple of things I noticed that aren't in the doco (yet);






  • With a text ATIS window displayed, middle-click to 'acknowledge' the ATIS and it will change color from Yellow to Red.
  • When the ATIS updates the text in the window will turn Yellow again as a quick visual indicator of a change.



AIS Window:

  • Right-click an entry in the AIS window to 'pop it out' so you can see the complete data.



Tower View:

vatSys is compatible with vPilot's 'Tower view' allowing you to see traffic in Prepar3d or MSFS.

Once vatSys is connected to VATSIM, in vPilot type .towerview to connect vPilot to vatSys.



Who Transmitted / Summon Sup:

Selecting 'Messages' - 'Request Supervisor' opens a window that shows the last transmitter on frequency, and allows you to quickly enter text to summon a Sup.



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