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Sectors.xml and Volumes.xml

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I am a little confused on what needs to be in the Sectors and Volumes.xml when building my facility. I've looked at several other data sets and it seems like the data is "in house" sector data or intrafacility? I'm getting this error when trying to do mine.


Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at vatsys.Coordinate.ParseIsoString(String isoStr)
   at vatsys.Coordinate..ctor(String isoString)
   at vatsys.SectorsVolumes.LoadVolumes()
   at vatsys.SectorsVolumes.LoadSectorsAndVolumes()
   at vatsys.MainForm..ctor()
   at vatsys.Program.Main()


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The entire airspace covered by the profile (ie. KZAK) should be divided into Volumes of airspace that correspond to the smallest controllable sectors. Volumes are used by vatSys to determine track state, ie. which aircraft are relevant to the position you're controlling.
Define a <Boundary> and then reference that boundary with a <Volume> entry to define vertical limits.


A Sector is the smallest unit of airspace selectable as controlled from the Sector Setup Window. <Sector> entries map one or more airspace Volumes to a callsign/name for this purpose. 

<Sector> entries without a Volume entry will not appear selectable in the Sector Setup Window, but will be used to map callsign to Name/FullName for the VSCS, ATC List, Handoff Window, etc. So, as well as the internal KZAK sectors, all the surrounding units should also have an entry for this purpose. 

The error you've attached is an Invalid coordinate in the file.

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Developer - vatSys


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