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NEW to VatSim any Members from Thunder Bay CYQT?

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Hello : )   Any members from Thunder Bay  CYQT?   I am fairly new to flight sim, X-Plane 11.5.   I am looking to network / connect with other flight simmers locally.   I have a few technical questions, both with X-Plane and a few add ons etc.   I have used Pilot edge, completed up to VFR CAT Rating 5.  Just set up VATSIM and it works.   YEAH  : )   I'm getting the hang of Ortho4XP but I do have a few questions with that.   I watched a number of videos but still have some questions with "organizing" the scenery folder to get the images to work properly.  The satalite images are overlayed but the trees and buildings are FLAT.  I obviously do not have something set up correct in the folder.

I am a real world student pilot with 39 hours logged ... working towards my PPL.  Over the winter I would like continue to practice procedures on the sim and to get set up with a few of the online GA flying groups.  CanadianXpress and Virtual Fly USA.  As a result of my limited computer skills I am having a few tech issues with getting the addons / downloads to work properly.

I have a C172 set up ...  3 screens with Saitek Yoke, rudder petals, throttle, radio stack, gauges x5, trim wheel etc,

I look forward to any assistance.

THANK YOU and best regards.


Brian Berezowski CO.(c)., C.Ped.(c)., RTO.(c)

Owner / President Thunder Bay Orthopaedic Inc.

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