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invalid CID/Password

Holden Trace

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okay so, i have created my vatsim account about 38 hours ago, completed the test and when i try to connect throught vPilot i get this error: [21:16:59] Connecting to network...
[21:16:59] Connected to network.
[21:16:59] Network error: Invalid CID/password
[21:17:00] Connected to voice server.
[21:17:01] Disconnected from network.
[21:17:02] Disconnected from voice server


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@Holden Trace Your membership is active.  You should check your CID and password.  See also 

@MAL BROWN You posted this less than an hour after completing your P0 exam....  It seems like you may have missed all of the the numerous screens where we advise all of our members that it can take up to 24 hours (though normally much less) for you to be able to log on after 

This is most likely because you're trying to log on within 24 hours of registering, reactivating your account, completing your New Member Orientation, or a password change. We operate with a network of distributed servers. It can take a minimum of 4 hours, and up to 24 hours (although normally much less), for new/updated membership information to be passed to all servers, including the voice server (which operates separately from the flight servers). Within the first 24 hours after registering, reactivating your account, or a password change, if your preferred server rejects your credentials, you are welcome to keep trying different servers in the hopes of finding one that will work. After 24 hours from the time of registration, you should be able to log onto any server.  See also: 


For you both, the member-help area and/or filing a Membership ticket is always a better way to seek out help than going to the forums. 🙂


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Don Desfosse
Vice President, Membership

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