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Coupling and Reactivating a FlightPlan

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Occasionally when I activate a flight plan from a tower controller who is not using VATSYS, the label does not couple with the aircraft track. I've worked out that I can fiddle with the departure time and it will eventually couple. This is pretty time consuming though. What is the quickest way to couple the label if the aircraft is being picked up on departure? I've tried selecting the couple button in the flight plan window but this doesn't work if the departure time is off slightly. Apologies for the noobie question!

Also, I've encountered an error whereby I attempt to accept the aircraft track from uncontrolled state and it says the flightplan was previously cancelled or words to that affect and the flightplan cannot be activated. What is the most appropriate action to take here to correct the issue? Typically I have a pilot who is waiting for instructions so its a bit of a pain when I'm fiddling with the flight plan trying to have it activate and couple the label.

Thanks heaps!


Luke Bruce-Smith

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The route must be accurate for coupling to occur, likely the non-vatSys controller is not entering the correct vatSys format SID. Departure time has no impact on coupling (Any flight plan in at least COOR state can couple). The quickest way to reroute for coupling is using the Graphic Reroute tool (accessed from callsign menu or using the Keyboard command) to draw the route out to the radar tracks location.

Manual coupling is always possible by selecting the radar track you wish to couple too - this will enable the Couple button in the Flight Plan Window. However manual coupling should be avoided as it is local to your client only.

More detail on coupling here https://www.virtualairtrafficsystem.com/docs/fdr/#radar--ads-b-coupling

I'm not sure exactly what you're encountering in the second issue. If the flight plan is in the FIN state (finished), click Create in the Flight Plan Window to recreate the flight plan with it's original details. If you're too busy to do this, QuickTag the radar track (click on the callsign/SSR code in the label) so you have something to work with until you have time to get the flight plan going. 


Developer - vatSys


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