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I have noticed that when squakbox in connected I can no longer access the menus. I use full screen mode and press the ALT key to access the menus however when SB3 in connected pressing the ALT key does nothing. Disconnect SB3 and everyting is back to normal.


If you switch tasks are you sure that FS terminates and does not just minimise and clicking on the FS bar at the bottom of the screen does not bring it up again.


Also when you switch tasks with FS active normaly this would cause FS to PAUSE. According to VATSIM rules you are not allowed to PAUSE FS (when online) unless instructed to do so by ATC.


Clearly pausing during a flight would tend to show ,on ATC screens, your aircraft stationary at possibly high altitude and is not possible. It would clearly be of some concern to ATC in busy airways or on final app. not to mention any aircraft travelling behind you.


I am not sure but suspect that the symtoms you are getting could be caused by SB3 and is probably intentional for the reasons above.


As a general rule, disconnect your SB3 session before changing tasks or watching an instant replay as this will also cause FS to pause.


If your symtoms do not occur when SB3 is not loaded then this is probably the cause.


Hope this is of some help..


Best regards Graham Mitchell (GB1159)

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Couple of things you can try:


Set your AA in your driver to None or Disabled.

In FS, use Window Mode instead of Full Screen (Alt + Enter)


The problem you describe is common for NVidia cards, especially the 6800 and 7600 and it's usually a AA problem. I believe there were earlier NVidia drivers that didn't have this issue, but I think they go back to the 71.xx versions.

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