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Raihan Shahzad

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VATSIM West Asia Division is seeking potential candidates for the following position. Nepal vACC Director (ACCNPL1) 

Position Duties

  • The following duties are a summarized description of the position which may be limited to the following.
  • Overseas the day to day operations of the vACC .
  • Overseas all vACC departments and ensures smooth operations. 
  • Appoints staff members according to the vACC Staff Structure. 
  • Reviews monitors and develops vACC Policies for the vACC .
  • Conducts and reports a vACC Quarterly Report for the Division. 
  • Other duties assigned by the Division.

Requirements and Essential Criteria

  • Demonstrates a great knowledge and understanding of local policies and VATSIM Policies such as the Code of Conduct/Regulations/Privacy/Safeguarding Minors/GDPR.
  • Demonstrates good communication skills and has the ability to speak and write in English.
  • Demonstrates good leadership, planning and managerial skills and is able to work within a team.
  • Previous experience in staff roles and managerial positions are considered as a bonus.
  • Is in good standing record with VATSIM.
  • Minimum rating of Controller 1 (C1) or higher.
  • Minimum Pilot rating of P1 or higher.
  • Must be a member of VATSIM West Asia Division & Nepal vACC or is willing to transfer if appointed.
  • Able to spend a minimum of 5 hours or greater on a weekly basis towards the vACC.
  • Maintains an online presence.
  • Able to commit to the position for a minimum of 2 years.

Reports To

  • West Asia Division Director (VATWA1), Deputy Division Director (VATWA2)
  • Division Facility Engineer (For Airspace Operations)

Candidates shall include

Candidates shall include the following information and present a CV based document upon applying.

  • Name, CID, vACC/Division/ARTCC and Email Address.
  • VATSIM CV detailing past experience, current experience such as staff roles, skills and any real world attributes that may help in the role.
  • Letter of intention detailing why you want to be the future vACC Director, Your plans for the position and the vACC. Any ideas you may have and suggestions for the vACC.


Candidates shall send their CV based application to director[at]vatwa.net and deputy[at]vatwa.net no later than November 7th 2020 2359z. Applications either received after the submission date or applications that are incomplete will not be considered. Short listed candidates will be contacted for an interview on VATWA discord.

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Raihan Shahzad
Division Director VATWA1
VATSIM West Asia
vatwa.net | director[at]vatwa.net

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