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MSFS vPilot. Controller says all they hear is static

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I am trying to setup vPilot for MSFS but the controller says when I talk all they hear is static. I am tuned to the proper frequency and the TX box lights up when I press my push to talk key. In Settings > Audio my microphone is listed but under Mic Volume the indicator bar does not show anything when I talk even if the volume is set to full. My mic works everywhere else in Windows. Both MSFS and vPilot are running as admin


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Since the VATSIM audio is now range-based, it's possible that you were too far from the controller for them to hear you. Have you tried moving to another location and/or to an airport serviced by Ground/Tower? 

Of course, if you were at the controller's airport, this wouldn't be the issue.


Evan Reiter
Boston Virtual ARTCC/ZBW Community Manager


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