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FSeconomy Thoughts? Your Experience?

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Ive been playing using VATSIM and FSPassengers, and it’s been pretty fun. But I’m waiting for my account to be accepted on FSEconomy now, and I have to say after reading the FSE manual in preparation, I’m so much more excited to try it out. 

What are your guys’ experience with FSE, if you’ve tried it? How many of you are waiting to use it, are using it, or have used it in the past?


Also just trying to get a gauge on how many of us VATSIMmers are also on FSE. Seems like a great combination. 

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It's a lot of fun and gives you a great opportunity to visit small airports and do GA operations. I just wish they would update the airport codes to 2020 🙂

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I started with a short flight last night, I think it’s a great addition to flight sim! Yeah, that would be nice. I was reading in the FSE manual that they decided to keep everything the same and not really ever do an overhaul. For MSFS2020 users especially  I’m sure there’s some major differences. A lot changes in 11 years! Still seems to be a great program

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FSEconomy is a great way to add some variety to your flying and explore the surprisingly detailed world in MSFS by visiting random airports, instead of the same ones over and over again. And as a controller, I like to see that as well. Seeing pilots visiting smaller airports we seldom see, or maybe have never even heard of, is great to keep us on our toes and keep life interesting for your controllers who have to pull up the charts to see what approaches are actually available to Neverheardofit Municipal Airport.

And for those thinking of taking the plunge, I did a series of simple how-to videos to get you started in FSEconomy. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu9QH2qKI5moTDXRFp3ESz271_5K54xx6

Rob Nabieszko | VATCAN3

Director of Training, VATCAN

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