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[31 OCT 2020 | 13-23z] Goodbye Tegel Overload

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Our beloved capital airport Berlin-Tegel will be closed with the opening of the BER.

We had so many beautiful moments at this airport and with you. For many Vatsim members of the RG Berlin, it served as a training airport: controlling for the first time, the first controller examination, the first time "Tegel Tower hello". Moments that we will always share with you and keep with us in our thoughts.

Not only from an ATC point of view - no also with pilots Tegel is and was often known as one of the most beautiful airports in Germany. Many evenings and nights we spent at this airport with you, was a nice time!

In order to give Berlin-Tegel a dignified farewell, we will open the doors for you one last time on 31.10.2020 as part of an event. And we will do it right this time!!! From 13-23z - for a full 10 hours - we will offer full ATC coverage as part of a Berlin-Tegel Overload. We are looking forward to overload our beloved capital airport with IFR and VFR traffic one last time with you.

An emotional farewell is guaranteed. The chief of the RG Berlin will say goodbye to the ground stations one by one with his Ferry Flight from Tegel to BER. At 22.30z the Delivery controller and at 22.45z the Ground controller will go offline forever. With the takeoff clearance for the Ferry-Flight, the Tower controller will then switch off the lights in Tegel, of course not without saying a few words to say goodbye beforehand. In order to keep the control zone in Tegel free for this purpose, the last landing clearance in Tegel will take place no later than 22.45z.

Tip: Be there live and log in at a gate or stand at 22.45z in Tegel and listen to the last words of the Tegel Tower on the Tower frequency.
Mach et jut Tegel...

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