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Changing label colors

Luis Donoso 919676

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Hello everybody

I have been a VRC user for a long time. Recently I have been working in adjusting a color profile that feels comfortable to use. When doing so, I started to have a question

When adjusting the colors directly from VRC, I see that there is no option to change the colors of the labels that are part of the sector file. However, if I switch between the different color profiles within VRC, I see that those labels change color, meaning that those colors are not set by the sector file itself. To make my question clearer, below there is a screenshot that indicates where in the sector file these labels are located.


For this reason, I would like to ask, how can I customize the color of these labels? I attach a screenshot to better show which labels I would like to apply this color change



Luis Donoso T. - Director - Chile vACC

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Inside VRC you can modify the Color Profiles in Settings -> Color Profiles. There you select the profile you want to edit and select Modify.

Not sure which one you'll have to edit, but you can try the different ones and see which one works.

Morten Jelle

VATSIM Network Supervisor, Team Lead - Supervisor Team 1


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