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VATCAR Appoints New Deputy Director

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Dear VATSIM users,

The Caribbean Division has undergone much construction. During this exciting time, we have re-designed at least 5 different websites, progressed on a complete restructure of our training program, designed new logos, created a marketing and PR position, and began the preparation to launch massive event campaigns. While this has gone on, I have been acting as the Curacao FIR chief, providing training to controllers in that region.

It has become clear that a deputy director is needed in the VATCAR Division to manage the restructuring and management tasks. After careful consideration, VATCAR has appointed Ada Erzurumlu as the deputy director!

Ada has over 6,000 hours logged on the VATSIM network. Ada also ran one of the most successful American Airlines Virtual Airlines for over a decade. He has a diverse array of controlling experience, including time spent in VATUSA, VATEUD, and VATCAN – Where he spent time on Gander Oceanic as well. In his professional career, Ada has worked for Southwest and Delta Air Lines. He is also studying to be a commercial pilot.

In his VATCAR role, Ada will be more than assisting with the tasks currently on hand. Under his leadership, further web projects will be developed, new relationships will be established with facilities outside of VATCAR and serving as an advisor for resolving internal disputes.

Please join me in welcoming Ada! I am very excited to have him on board of our Division.

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Division Director
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