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Disconnect right after connect due to no valid default model set

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So as soon as I connect vpilot, I start to get the list of ATC online but always and every time disconnects me with error message saying “Failed to create aircraft N12345 using default model c_152 .” I opened settings, MSFS model matching indicates if found 34 models but in the advanced tab, the list is blank so I do not know what to call my “Default Model”. I attached multiple screenshots. Thanks guys!


Bob Droege




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Yep. C_152 is not a model in MSFS. vPilot defaults to the Generic Airliner Quad Engines Asobo 00.  Not sure why it did not for you. To fix this problem please copy and paste the following into your default model window, then hit apply and ok.

Generic Airliner Quad Engines Asobo 00


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