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I get this when trying to access www.zauartcc.org


"This Account Has Been Suspended"


Is there an alternate URL that I am missing?






I am getting the same thing. Even when I click on the link off that VATUSA page. With the MITRE event coming up, all I can say is...uh oh.

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Due to technical difficulties, the vZAU website is

down-for-the-count...the link below will take you to a quickly established

Forum location where any last minute questions may be posted. Please keep

the questions there limited to those from an ATC perspective and the

upcoming MITRE event.


The PRIMARY information exchange area for the MITRE/VATSIM event is

still the MITRE OP 1 forum topic on the main VATSIM forum.



Ric Ruminski I1


Communications Manager VATUSA

email: VATUSA11 (at) vatusa.net

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the old site is about 350 MB, uses php and 3 MySQL databases.



The site is down not because of technical difficulties, it is because Alex canceled hosting when he removed me from the position of webmaster. So far as I can tell there was no backup in place when this decision was made.

Tracy "TS" Salas

vZAU [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant Webmaster

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