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NOTE: Event Coordinators and marketing representatives should post events through the myVATSIM portal (https://my.vatsim.net). If you haven't gotten permissions yet, contact your vACC/FIR Director. ×

Looking for an event? READ THIS FIRST!

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Looking for an event?

Every week, VATSIM Facilities from around the world host some really amazing events for VATSIM Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers to participate in. We want to keep you all up to date with how you can stay informed about our events, and as such we have a home for them on the social media platforms you love. 

This forum is no longer the main platform for finding events as we have transitioned to a dedicated and more organized platform for our organizers. You will however still continue find events from unofficial partners and groups here!


Finding VATSIM events

For an overview of upcoming events, browse our brand-new Event Calendar! This is now the main way of finding events on the network. A few hours before events start, we make a post in the #upcoming-events channel on the VATSIM Discord, making it a good place to check on for today's events!

We also post our events on social media, give us a follow!

On Twitter, follow @vatsimevents
On Facebook, give us a like on /vatsimevents

We are currently in the process of rebuilding our website, and will have a streamlined way for you to find events there in the future!


If you have feedback on new or better ways we could be using to make you aware of upcoming events, please contact vpmkt (at) vatsim.net.

Mats Edvin Aarø
General Manager - Member Engagement
Supervisor Team Lead: Team 4
[email protected]

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