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I took off from KEYW flying VFR, with the whole state of Florida being controlled by Miami center. I didn't realize I needed clearance from miami center to take off, and got a private message from him. Trying to tab out to respond and my game crashed (thanks windows). Sorry to whoever that controller was, I wasn't trying to ignore your message 😭

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These things happen, don't worry! 

Being new to the network is daunting, and you're BOUND to make mistakes. However you're in luck - because making mistakes does no harm here! We have all been new, and we have all made mistakes (even though some don't like to admit it).

You'll find that as you gain more hours and experience, you'll start to make less and less mistakes; but you'll never be "perfect". 🙂


Only thing I can say is: Welcome!

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I learned that also the hard way as a newbie. I took off from an airport that was under Boston Center's area and that because the airport is towered in real life and even though nobody was controlling it I still needed clearance as I was in there airspace.

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If you are unsure if an overlying control facility does or does not provide ATC services to your towered or non-towered airport:

1. Reference your airport's aeronautical charts as they often have overlying ATC facility names and information regarding what facility covers the airport.




2. See if the controller matches any positions listed in your airport's Airport Communication information via the SkyVector World Airport Database

3. Check the controller's info in your pilot client. The controller info often lists what airports they provide towered services for.

4. If you have tried the methods above and are still not sure, ask the controller in question if they provide services to your towered airport.

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