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Copy pointer coordinates to clipboard

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On 10/30/2020 at 2:02 AM, David Reszel 984547 said:


a minor feature request that may aid facility engineers while working on the profiles.

Would it be possible to add a dev key command to copy coordines of a point pointed in space to clipboard in ISO 6709 format?

That would definitely be useful. Right now I'm using VRC to do it and manually mass converting it to ISO format

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You can now display a lat lon point at the cursor position using the "Add LatLon" keyboard command (defaults to F10). Right click the text label to copy to clipboard in ISO format


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Developer - vatSys


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What an ingenious way to do this. It actively displays where it is so you can keep track where you are along capturing points. It works well for my situation, granted I already did most of the complex stuff (each crisscrossing airway in Anchorage's airspace). Kinda wish I knew about this and delayed my work..

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