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East Longitude Handling

Kyle Sanders

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Kyle Sanders

Sorry for posting in the ERAM area but this mainly deals with vERAM and vSTARS users and there isn't a “General” support area for radar clients.


Working on a program that parses all of the FAA NASR data and puts it into SCT2 format.


One of the issues I have run into is East longitude values (points between E000.000.001 and E179.59.59.999) that say, those in Anchorage would think would be displayed to the left of their scope. (ELVEK, SYA, and ADK for example).


When loaded into VRC, it places these points onto the right side of the display (just right of the middle of the screen or Prime Meridian).


I understand that the VRC “canvas” if you will, is displayed with the prime meridian in the middle and anything with a W value is displayed to the left of that and anything with a E value displays to the right of the meridian.


A buddy and I have coded a script that will take the E values and convert them to the appropriate fake “W” value to “Trick” VRC into displaying the point to the left of our display.

E175.00.00.001 would be converted to:



What I am wondering is will this need to be done for vSTARS and vERAM as well or do these clients handle this issue on their own?


If we used the converted SCT2 to make our ERAM sector files, would ERAM have an issue with a W180.00.00.001+ value?

Kyle Sanders

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