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Airplanes with false liveries

Victor Leupold

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This is a somewhat inevitable consequence of model mapping.

You see, people use all sorts of simulators on VATSIM, and not everyone has the same set of aircraft models and liveries installed. Hence, the pilot client will perform "model mapping": it takes the standard ICAO aircraft and airline codes sent over the network, and tries to find a matching aircraft in your local model set. If the other person flies a sensible combination (e.g. a KLM 737-800), and you have a matching model and livery installed locally, then the model mapper should find it and use it, and everything will look OK. But if you encounter someone with a combination that doesn't exist IRL (e.g. a KLM A320), or an aircraft/airline combo for which you don't have an exact match, then the model mapper will have to make an educated guess, and that guess will of course be wrong, but still better than showing nothing at all. For example, today someone flew an An-124 in Antonov house livery out of EHAM, and I don't have any model for that, so it showed up as a China Airlines 747.

This can happen even if you have the right livery, but for the wrong aircraft, because liveries aren't generally compatible between aircraft models, so if, for example, you have both an A320 and A321 model installed, but you only have a Lufthansa livery for the A320, then a Lufthansa A321 will probably not show up as Lufthansa, but as an A321 of some other airline.

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