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The VATSIM Hangar

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Flying on VATSIM is such a fun and rewarding experience but it can be a little daunting at first particularly if you don't have any real-world flying experience. Even with experience there are a number of differences because we are flying in a virtual environment. As a result, flying on VATSIM at first can be stressful and often a little bewildering. The VATSIM Hangar is a community specifically for VATSIM Pilots but controllers and anyone interested in VATSIM flying would always be welcome ūüôā

It doesn't have to be difficult, scary, bewildering or stressful (OK, it can be stressful but that is just flying... on VATSIM or off!) and that is what The VATSIM Hangar is all about... making flying on VATSIM fun, exciting, rewarding, educational.

This is how we are aiming to help:

  • Discord community ( Join here)... There is a good official VATSIM Discord server already and so ours in not intended to be an alternative... but it is a way to directly communicate and interact with The VATSIM Hangar staff and as an alternative way to communicate with others in the¬†VATSIM community... for example through channels aimed at a specific aspect of VATSIM or flight simulator flying.¬†
  • YouTube channel (See here)... as I fly on VATSIM I will record many of my flights and upload videos to share. I will be doing videos on all aspects of VATSIM flying... software, flight planning, terminology, charts, SIDS, STARS, radio comms, events and a whole bunch more once we get going.¬† Please subscribe to get notice of videos as they are published.

    It is my hope that these videos will be of interest to all VATSIM pilots but particularly to newbies or those less confident. However, it is important to say that I would certain not consider myself an expert neither would I say that my way is the only way or even the right way (let me know if I have anything wrong!!!) - however, it is certainly my way and one way to fly on VATSIM and one legitimate way to enjoy the network. I am a real-world commercially rated pilot and instructor (now retired) so my way of flying certainly tries to always adhere to the VATSIM rules and to be as close as possible to real-world operations but VATSIM is a simulation and, first and foremost, it is a hobby to pilots and controllers alike, so it has to be fun within the bounds of the the rules. I fly in a way that makes it challenging and fun but not everything I do mirrors the RW... for example, I don't use written checklists. Just my way... but I hope by people see how I fly on VATSIM so they can then find their own way that works for them.
  • 1-2-1 mentoring... both Discord and YouTube makes it easy to stream live when online and I will be making myself available for 1-2-1 sessions, either on specific topics (e.g. flight planning, R/T procedure, MSFS & A320neo) or flying full routes. You can choose what the topic or flight is and I can go online with you with¬†voice comms whilst you view the stream... it is a great way to for you to sit in with an experienced real-world and VATSIM pilot. More on this will go onto the Discord server in due course.

This is all very early days but I am hoping it will build into something good for VATSIM and for the VATSIM community in general. 

The controllers do their best to give us pilots a realistic environment in which to fly our flight simulators (and what a fantastic job they do!)... we owe it to them to fly in the best way we can to make it realistic for them too. So, please join the community and let's all enjoy this wonderful world of VATSIM even more ūüôā¬†


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Our first YouTube flight has been posted. 

It was a bit manic going in to Gatwick but it is a good example of how it can be on VATSIM when the airport and centre positions are fully staffed. I made loads of mistakes but nothing too serious and we got to Gatwick pretty well.

If you are thinking about taking the plunge and having a go then don't be afraid... it is great fun and adds a whole new challenge to simulator flying - check it out...


Production will only improve - I haven't done this before so I am very much learning!

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