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Problems with Remote vPilot Configuration

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I have a multi-computer full-scale cockpit rig.  For the several years now that I have been using vPilot I have been using the "Remote" configuration.  That is, I run "Host/No Voice" on the P3D computer and "Remote/With Voice" on a separate computer with a vPilot window display inside the cockpit.  

All had been working fine with that configuration until recently......

The problem is that my P3D sound output is being muted by vPilot.  By "muted" I mean that the sound output is being muted by about 80-90%.  All is fine with the sound up to the point where there is a voice communication on vPilot.  That is, with P3D running and vPilot launched all is OK.  However as soon as I receive a VATSIM communication the P3D sound drops.  After that the only way to recover is to reboot the entire computer.  If I just close vPilot and/or P3D the muted sound issue is still there as determined by the Realtek speaker sound test facility without either of those running.  So something is being triggered in Windows by vPilot voice transmission.

I have searched the forum and have implemented the following possible "fixes" without success......

I have "Do Nothing when voice communication occurs" checked in "Communications Device" for Speakers.

I have disabled "Exclusive Mode" in Windows for Sound/Playback.

I have updated sound drivers to the latest.

I have also investigated adjusting volume sliders for Windows apps and P3D sound sliders as a work around, but that results in strange sound anomalies happening.

So given all that I recently switched my vPilot Voice config to the P3D "Host" computer....."Host/with Voice" on the P3D computer and "Remote/No Voice" on the cockpit display computer.  But that has resulted in a different kind of problem....

Most times that config works perfectly fine,  however occasionally there is an issue with P3D performance being suddenly affected.  This happens about once in every 4-5 flights......

All can be perfectly fine and then all of a sudden I get intermittent connection drops with vPilot and P3D performance drops to a totally unflyable state.  This happens independent of heavy scenery areas....one flight involving heavy airport scenery add-ons could be perfect, while the next flight at a remote default airport is a problem.  No fix if I try closing and restarting vPilot.  However if I "save" flight and reboot P3D (without rebooting the computer) all will be back to normal for the same flight.  Had to do that twice this past week for WorldFlight.

None of what I have described above ever occurs if I do a non-ATC flight without vPilot.

So I am a bit stumped here.  Any ideas as to what is going on would be much appreciated.


Fred K


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I'm afraid I'm stumped as well. When you are running voice on the vPilot remote, none of the voice code is even loaded on the vPilot host, so I don't see how it could possibly interfere with the sound for P3D.

As for the problem you run into when running voice on the host, I have no clue what could be causing that either.

Developer: vPilot, VRC, vSTARS, vERAM, VAT-Spy

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