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MSFS Model Matching - make a single callsign invisible?

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Hi all,

I did a shared cockpit flight on Vatsim the other day, using YourControl. It worked incredibly well, except for the fact that vPilot showed two aircraft on connecting, even though one of us was connected as an observer. So basically, my instrument panel was obscured by his aircraft, which was inside mine. The only way of getting around this was to change "Maximum aircraft to display" to 0, which of course meant seeing no other traffic. For those of you unfamiliar with YourControl, it requires each of you to spawn in on the same stand with the same aircraft and leave multiplayer off, specifically to avoid this situation.

I had a look at the vPilot documentation and saw it was possible to create a custom rule for a specific callsign. What I couldn't work out though was whether it's possible to make a particular callsign's aircraft invisible. I tried this, which was a shot in the dark and didn't work:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<ModelMatchRule ModelName="" Callsign="SAS54G"/>


Is there a way of doing this? Or, failing that, is there an 'invisible' model I could download or create, or is there another way round this?


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51 minutes ago, Ross Carlson said:

Did the pilot connecting as an observer set their callsign correctly to prevent showing the other user? Instructions are in the vPilot Documentation.

No, he did not! Thanks, that's a far easier solution than I was expecting. We were both under the impression that connecting in observer mode was supposed to stop the aircraft appearing to anyone regardless of callsign, so we just assumed this wasn't working properly either because of a limitation in MSFS or as a result of using YourControl. 

Thanks again, 



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