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Misidentification of MSFS2020

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I am seeing two issues.  First, when I start MSFS2020 vPilot reports "Connected to simulator: KittyHawk (11.0.282174.999)" which is not on my machine.  The moment I close MSFS2020 it reports that it has disconnected so it would seem I have basic connectivity.  When I use Prep3rd v5 this works correctly.  I have also tried running vPilot as administrator with the same results.

The other issue is the model matching.  It does not appear to find the aircraft. I'm not sure this is a problem as the Results: field says "Not applicable for MSFS.

The simulator was purchased through Steam and I have confirmed that one of the registry entries is actually pointing to the simulator installation.

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KittyHawk is the name that Asobo/Microsoft chose for the new simulator, when it returns its name and version number through the SimConnect connection. In a future version of vPilot, I might override that name and replace it with "Microsoft Flight Simulator" when displaying that message during startup.

vPilot does not have a way to scan for installed models in MSFS like it does in FSX and P3D. So the model matching rules are hardcoded to use the default aircraft that come with the standard version of MSFS. If you want to use any third party models, you need to add a VMR file to the model matching settings.

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