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When installing I get "Not Applicable for MSFS"

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When Installing the application Vpilot I'm getting an errors in the model marching which causes me not to be able to use the program. Please anyone can help. Running latest version 2.6.9. Running MSFS digital download from MS Store. Thanks. 



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Hi Ross,


same here and understood.

So is it correct, that i can not put the Community Livery Path in the "Advanced" menu? This is blank here and not edible.

I loaded a Custom Rule though, which contents the liveries i placed in this path: D:\Games\MSFLS2020\Community\ivao_x-csl

If I start the flight, aircrafts are AI default sim-liveries.

So how to tell vPilot where to look for the custom liveries from, the path above?

thanks in advance!!


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You don't need to tell vPilot where to look for liveries that you use in custom model matching rules. vPilot assumes that the livery exists if you use it in a custom rule. You just need to add the vmr file, and that's it. (Obviously the livery must actually be installed for it to work in the sim, but vPilot doesn't need to know where it actually is.)

Developer: vPilot, VRC, vSTARS, vERAM, VAT-Spy

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