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MSFS2020 - Cannot see VATSIM airplanes when connected through Vpilot

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Hello pilots,

New to VATSIM, I've read for the past 48 hours multiple ressources to check for what I could have done wrong so that I can't see any VATSIM airplanes in MSFS2020.
When connected to Vpilot I am able to receive and transmit communications properly. 
However, I never was able to see any other VATSIM simers that communicate on the frequency. I have tried yesterday and today, changing different Multiplayer settings in MSFS (group players only, all players...) and even regional servers but nothing worked.

Can anyone be of any assistance?
Much appreciated 🙂
Happy flying/controlling to all!

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I can typically see them when at an airport, meaning that other planes are relatively close by.  But airborne, it often seems hit-or-miss as to whether I will see other planes at anything more than a couple miles.  Can't yet determine whether there's a pattern to it.  I recall there being a discussion at the outset wherein tampering with weather or time settings once the sim is running will cause all planes to vanish, and have been careful about completely closing and restarting vPilot after doing so, just to be sure.  Still feeling very much like there are times I should be seeing traffic and I'm not.  I'll continue to try to collect more concrete data.




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I can see other aircraft when I’m airborne. Some days ago I was in a holding close to EIDW and numerous other aircraft around me were visible (at least the lights, because it was nighttime) and  also in my moving map I can observe other Vatsim traffic within 40NM and +/- 5000 feet ( for charts and moving map I use the Electronic Flight Bag from aivlasoft.com, I don’t know if other moving map software does this too)

So finally I have no idea why this is working in my setup and not in others 


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