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[12 Dec, 17-23z] Fly and See Santa 2020

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On Saturday 12 December from 17-23z VATSIM-Scandinavia invites you for this year's edition of Fly and See Santa. Fly into either Rovaniemi (EFRO), Tromsø (ENTC) and Kiruna (ESNQ).

Since this event attracts a fair amount of pilots we highly recommend you to bring a lot of holding fuel. Don't forget your favorite bevarage and candy onboard since it will most likely be a long night for you.

Due to the excess traffic on some airways you might get rerouted to optimise the traffic flow. Make sure you are familiar to re-program your aircraft accordingly.

Visit our Santa Web for pilot briefing, routes, charts and scenery suggestion to make your visit to the north as enjoyable as possible.

This year's edition we will introduce a new feature that will hopefully make both the controllers and pilots life slightly easier. More information about this will follow shortly, stay tuned!

VATSIM-Scandinavia hope you will enjoy this year's Fly and See Santa.

Santa Web

Merry Christmas!



[I have already posted this on the my.vatsim thingy, however the Helsinki Fly-In I posted earlier didn't end up on the event page. That's why I post it here as well.]

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This year's edition of Fly and See Santa we are introducing a booking system.

The intention is to try and spread the traffic during the whole event time frame which is 17-23z.

The booking system is set up so the pilot can book an arrival slot into either of the event airports, departing from anywhere on the planet.

The booking system will open for reservations on Saturday 5 December at 12:00z. And close for further bookings on Saturday 12 December at 16:00z.

Book your arrival slot here: https://booking.vatsim-scandinavia.org/

For more information about the booking system, please visit here.

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Welcome to Fly and See Santa 2020!

Fly and See Santa is the biggest annual Christmas event in VATSIM skies and is held at three airports in the northernmost part of Europe. Snowy landscapes and slippery runways greet you during this magical event at Rovaniemi, Tromsø and Kiruna, which we hope you will enjoy as well. All three airports are located in the beautiful nature and wilderness of northern Europe. During December, the airspace is crowded with santa flights with passengers excited to visit the North.

Before starting the trip to the Northern skies, make sure to visit our fancy and shining https://fss.vatsim-scandinavia.org/, for routes, charts, scenery and documents.
Here you'll also find route generator, witch we'll strongly reccomend to follow, as you'll most likely will be reroutes as published when in contact with ATC (https://fss.vatsim-scandinavia.org/#routes)

Remember to bring some refreshing beverages, and extra fuel to burn. Expect to hold for Santa.

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