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vPilot 2.6.10 hung

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Hi there!


vPilot suggested me to update to 2.6.10. and I did so.

Since then, I can still launch vPilot but it gets hung, buttons disappear and it keeps loading (when I move over vPilot with the cursor, the "loading" animation of the cursor shows).


I subsequently uninstalled, downloaded from https://vpilot.metacraft.com/Download again, installed as Admin and launched as Admin -> issue still present.

Running P3D v4.5 on Windows 10.





Others having this issue aswell or am I doing something wrong?

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Just in case someone might face this issue in the future:

I restarted my PC again after I wasnt able to hear any voice output anymore.

After restarting, I received a message from Kaspersky to wether classify vPilot as weakly restricted or trustworthy.

I selected trustworthy and remember this option in the future.

All working fine now and thank you Ross for your good work on vPilot 🙂

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