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"Important Rules" #4 maybe needs update re: voice on UNICOM

Matthew Orlando

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On the Important Rules page, rule #4 says (emphasis mine):


Not all air traffic controllers or pilots have a voice program. Pilots need to accept any ATC using text-only communication, and all UNICOM messages are to be transmitted in text. There is no obligation to use voice on VATSIM.

However, my first time on UNICOM I heard voice comms. I found a few threads that say voice is now allowed and encouraged on UNICOM with features that were added last year, and the CoC doesn't mention using text-only.

So I think the rules page needs an update. Is there a better place to report this?

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You can transmit and receive voice only up to 15nm. It can be handy on final approach. However for somebody without headset/microphone or even a person with physical disability, he won't hear you. So text messages are highly recommended in order to get the attention and intentions from other pilots.

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There are a lot of outdated posts that haven't been updated for a decade... I will do a sweep and update everything I find as soon as possible! 🙂

And yes, 30nm is the effective range of voice UNICOM; 15nm radius from both planes.


Edit: I see that the link is pointing to the Pilot Resource Center. We are rebuilding our website, but have relocated the Pilot learning platform to our new user platform: https://my.vatsim.net/learn

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