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[Position Vacancy Announcement] Head of IT- APAC Region

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Announcement – Staff Position Vacancy

Head of IT Services - APAC Region



Before applying for this staff position, please read all sections of the three (3) pages of this document.


Candidates wishing to apply for this position within VATSIM Asia Pacific Region, are kindly requested to submit their application into a CV format with subject “Head of IT Services-APAC”, to the Vice President of APAC, no later than : 22nd December 2020, 20:00UTC

Since this is a key role with in VATSIM APAC Region, the successful candidate will be expected to commit at least two (2) years fulfilling the duties of this staff position.

Once the application is received a confirmation email will be sent. Short listed candidates will be asked for a short interview via discord.

Applicants are required to provide contact information and submit their application with cover letter and into a CV format. Applications not fulfilling the requirements set above will not be accepted.

All applicants will be informed of the final outcome of their application.



RESPONSIBLE FOR: Regional Web services including APAC site, Specialists Project, Discord & other tasks assigned by the VP APAC.

The duties of the Head of IT for APAC Region are described in short, but not limited to:



    Maintain and develop APAC Region site

    Maintain and develop the Specialists of ATC site

    Assists in IT operations in lieu fulfilled local position

    Manage APAC Discord server

    Moderate APAC Discord server

    Operating and maintaining APAC webserver and Domain Name

    Cooperate with Community & Events Manager in regard to promotional material

    Assistant to additional tasks as guided by the VP of Asia Pacific



    Excellent knowledge of Wordpress, HTML, PHP myadmin, Cpanel, Os ticket

    Excellent knowledge of DNS, Email servers, GDPR

    Be able to present ideas and discuss within a team working environment with analytical presentation using Microsoft/Google resources such as PowerPoint, word, etc

    Excellent interpersonal skills, cooperative, friendly, confident to undertake tasks and bring results

   Ideal candidate will be able to present ideas and provide with excellent knowledge using Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Illustrator.

Vice President | Asia Pacific Region
image.png.0fbc2efe758d66615ca0218192f10b82.png [email protected]

image.png.6aeeb01847f3b3cd0851cf2a1b0e8dfb.png              image.png.b1d1aa3e3ac65194d4ba4c2111a2d6f4.png             image.png.d4d64027d41ccfdfb03e5585a4f2e939.png

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