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Unable to launch VatSys

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Wondering if anyone can help or has encountered this:

Today I installed the VatSys but can not be lauched, there is an error window always opened and freezed when select any profiles.

I've tried multiple profiles and have the same issue and also running vatSys "as admin". And there is no log file in \Documents\vatSys Files. Any suggestions?


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1 hour ago, Jake Saw said:


Is there a message box somewhere hidden with an error? Does it always freeze at "Loading DEM Data"?

If you go to %ProgramData%\Sawbe.com\vatSys\dem does it look like this?


Yep, the dem folder is the same as yours. And it always freeze at "Loading DEM Data". But I think the most important is I can not close the error window, because the error window no-response, this maybe the reason why VatSys freeze at "Loading DEM Data"

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