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Vpilot Not Running!

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Hey, so I just decided at the beginning of this week that I wanted vatsim. I have the new Microsoft flight simulator 2020 so I decided to get the client v pilot which is compatible to this simulator. The first time I downloaded it, it ran! So when I went into the flight simulator at a gate it also ran. But when I left the game and tried to open it in my desktop it ran no more. So I decided to delete all of its files and uninstall it and re download it. Sometimes when I re install it, it has to abort the download. But ignore that. When I get it again it works but the whole cycle happens to me again. It works in the sim but not when I leave the sim. And when I do go back into the sim it still doesn’t work! So I called geek squad and Alienware technical support and they couldn’t help me because I only have a basic warranty and for further help I would have to pay 100 bucks! So I went into my discord servers and asked people if they know how to solve my problems. Someone said they had the exact same problem as me and they tried to run it as admin and it worked! They had no more problems! However when I do this it works sometimes and not other times! I also tried going to task manager and ending the v pilot task! Then I go to trouble shoot and compatibility and run a recommended test on it! It works sometimes and other times it doesn’t. So I try to do the custom version and that usually doesn’t work. So now I’m basically stuck and I’m coming to you guys to see if you can solve my problem for not being able to open v pilot for vatsim whenever I want. Also I forgot to mention sometimes if I just leave it for a while and come back later, Vpilot will sometimes open then! ( it will open but then sure enough not open again after I close the sim). So if you know how to help me please do. Also if you know a developer please tell them to look at this and help me! 

Thanks- Mika Deorajh

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