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Vatsim Flightplan Prefile Error Message + code

Lawrence Donnelly

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Hi all, 

Thought I'd share this error code from when trying to pre file through simbrief, as suggested in the error message. 

Code is: 266ea10c50134386bc7c82e26e163b8e

Below is a screenshot of the error.


Relatively new to the forums so if I've posted in the wrong place please let me know.




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Hello.I have problems filing my flight Plan from "https://my.vatsim.net/pilots/flightplan" . When I do it, I receive message Flighplan filed. Enjoy your flight. But when I connect with xPilot and talk with controller, he informs that no flight plan is filed. Also if I press Flightplan + Fetch from Server, the message is that there is no flight plan to fetch or it fetches the previous day flight plan. This happens since last saturday 5th of December 2020 . Before I had no problem at all filing my flightplans.

HAs anyone  had this problem lately?

Thank you


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