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The ability to resize AFV window

Brandon Chung

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Dear, AFV's developer could you please.. please.. please.. allows us to resize the AFV window, like the vPilot client.

I am using a 21:9 ultrawide display, with 125% scale zoom due to viewing distance.

PS: By using the 125% scale on a 21:9 display allow the desktop's icons, text and programs look similar in the size of 16:9, you can think of 25% more working space environment on a normal 16:9 display.

The program doesn't resize itself accordingly. I have to restart my PC to change that (back to 100%) back and forth every time I use Euroscrope with AFV. It is quite painful for me to see small text and icons in 100%.

Please implement it. Many thanks.

AFV shown in 21:9 with 125% scale (Main window, right-side is blocked, button selections in ''AFV Settings'' were covered, can't resize to click)


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