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CSL Incorrect Aircraft Paint Schemes for ICAO Codes

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Hello All

Its a pretty regular occurrence that other aircraft logged into VATSIM, as say callsign AAL2231, will be shown in maybe Qatar or some other livery other than American Airlines . Ill go check the callsign in the system for the aircraft type and sure enough its a model I have in the CSL library but xPilot is pulling the wrong livery entirely.

Any ideas?


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Evening Patrick,

what I could suggest is to make a clean install of the Bluebell CSL package. It should be updated in a short while with some new liveries as well! In the XP11 Forum download all the folders in the Bluebell "Download this file" section. Unzip all of them in: XP11 Main directory / Resources / Plugins / Xpilot / Resources / CSL / Bluebell.

That should solve your issue! I've never had it.

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