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Terrence Scanlan

A New Division in OCEANIA

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OCEANIA Region is pleased to announce the establishment of a new division within the OCEANIA Region. VATNZ, which will cover the New Zealand FIR and surrounding OCEANIC air space within OCEANIA, will commence operations on January 1st 2007. Mark Richards, a founder of VATPAC, has been appointed as the Division Director of VATNZ and will be calling for applications for the various staff positions in the next few days.


The OCEANIA forum at www.vatsim.net will soon include two new sections for Australia and New Zealand.


The VATNZ Website is http://www.vatnz.net/ and is still under construction.


Terry Scanlan

OCEANIA - Regional Director

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Thanks Terry and Norman.


I will be calling for applications for Board Members in the next few days, keep an eye on this forum for the details.


The positions to be filled are:


  • * Deputy Director (including responsibility for VA Liaison and Events)
    * Training Director
    * Operations/Airspace Director
    * IT Director
    * Pilot Operations Director

This is an exciting time for New Zealand and the further development of VATSIM



Mark Richards (811451)

Vice President Operations (VATGOV2)

Auckland, New Zealand



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Management and staff of VATNZ have been working hard to prepare for the official opening of VATNZ on January 1st 2007 at 00:01 UTC


The opening will be celebrated by a flyin focussing on Auckland, NZAA and all ATC positions will be staffed during the opening flyin celebrations.


VATPAC will be supporting the VATNZ event by providing traffic across the TASMAN to Auckland from Australia so this promises to be a very busy day in the OCEANIA region.


Drop in to www.vatnz.net to get details of the event and perhaps plan a local flight to enjoy the magnificent scenery and great ATC of VATNZ.

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