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Any recommendations for an absolute new SimPilot on how to get started with VATSIM?

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I’ve done my research prior to asking this question, I know there is a website full of instructions from VATSIM, but I’d just like to know if there is a YouTube video/channel for absolute brand new pilots from install to connect? The only videos that come up when I search are from a guy called ‘AviationPro’ but I have a solid rule that I won’t watch any YouTube videos that have that stupid ‘shocked face’ , ‘hand on chin’ YouTube bullshit thumbnails.

Any links for how to get started?

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Those AviationPro videos are actually really good. Especially for newbies, so I encourage you to give them a shot. As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover... or in this case, a video by its thumbnail 😜


Josh Jenk

CZVR C1 controller


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I have a few tutorials published as well, without the thumbnail like you described.  Not as fully comprehensive as initial-download-to-VATSIM-pro like you suggested, but, hopefully helpful. 

And yeah, I agree -- AviationPro's tutorials are decent, even if his thumbnails are a bit (endearingly) cheesy.  🙂

EDIT: can't figure out how to make the YouTube link send you to the playlist rather than a specific video, so, here's my beginning ATC comms one.  Check the playlist "tutorials" for some others.


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