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New setup as observer. cant see any aircraft

Mohamed Tawfik

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Hi Everyone,

I have installed Euroscope 3.2 with UK controler pack and also UK controler plugin and after watching a few tutorials on youtube, I cant see any aircraft on the ground after opening an airport SMR. I can see aircraft in the UK sector but not after opening gatwick SMR

I have followed all the steps in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVAYN1SOvKw&t=437s

I have taken the following steps and any guide is much appreciated.

  1. Install Euroscope
  2. copy UK Controler pack to Documents\EuroScope
  3. Load UK Controler plugin
  4. open Sector and select UK_2020_13 from Documents\EuroScope\UK\Data\Sector
  5. open Gatwick SMR.asr from Documents\EuroScope\Data\ASR\Gatwick
  6. Connect to Vatsim
  7. select airport from runway icon and to show all active flight
  8. type .vis EGKK
  9. Set the filter to also show standby aircraft

I can see aircraft in departuer but not aircraft on the ground.

Many Thanks



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Hi Mohamed,

With large sector files (as is the UK one), when you observe you should always type the command ".vis [ICAO of the observed airport]" at the bottom of the screen and press enter. This will make sure that the visibility center, the circle in which you can see aircraft, is centered around the airport you want to watch.

Hope this helps.

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Open SCT > Open > (chose the appropriate ASR file).

I suggest you directly contact the staff of your vACC, maybe also mention that this seems to be a problem many new members don't understand, so that they can update their documentation.

Jonas Kuster
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