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unable to hear ATC

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I have been using vpilot with no issues however for some reason I can no longer hear any ATC. Other aircrafts can hear me and I can hear them but no ATC which I don't understand. Aircrafts have had to relay messages for me e.g clearance. I fly the A32N by flybywire, is there some switch or bug that I need to fix.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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James, if you could hear other planes, AFV was working fine.  It's most likely that you were on the ground, outside the range of the transmitters of the facility you were trying to reach.  That is in some cases completely realistic, and in other cases, it's a problem caused by the facility you were communicating with not having their transceivers set up properly to be able to work top-down at the airport you were at.




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