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Backtracking ATC procedure?

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My guess is that TWR controllers who work fields where backtracking may be necessary (i.e. they have a runway which has one end without any connecting taxiway) are used to seeing people roll it long occasionally and have to backtrack, and are ready to send the next arrival around in case a runway takes longer than expected to become vacant again.  But, as mentioned, it doesn't hurt to get their attention and advise them, just in case they're distracted. 




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You want the perspective for the real life? First of all: my jet is smaller than an airliner, so we can turn around on any runway at any point. In a situation as described by the OP, there is nothing else that you can do, so turn around and backtrack to the next exit. You certainly do not need any permission for this. What else should you do? Remain on the runway and have a BBQ there?
Larger aircraft may have to utilize designated turn-pads to perform such a maneuver, but this is specific to local airport use rules and runway procedures.

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