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737-800 Cargo Model Selection

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When you open vPilots and go to connect to the server. I notice that there is no 737-800BCF (cargo) selections in the list for 737's. I see the standard 737-800, BBJ (B738), and the Poseidon P8's. 


Naturally, I go with the 737-800 selection.

But does that mean that others don't see the real model/livery I'm in? Will this selection be added in future releases?

BTW... Thank you for this tool. I appreciate all the work you've put in over the years. 


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What others see is based upon a number of factors:

1. Their model matching program

2. The model you select

3. The ICAO code you select when you log in


Expanded discussion in the vPilot Tips and Tricks guide as well as the vPilot documentation

Don Desfosse
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