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Account got suspended, Don't know why.

Jerrique de Jong

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Hi there, I have been trying to find out all day as to why my VATSIM account was suspended.


Yesterday, due to some personal thinks happening at home I had to disconnect from Vatsim just after my landing at EDMM, If this could be the reason I would like to hear but I have no way of finding out Since I can't log into my account nor have I gotten an E-Mail explaining why I got banned.


My id is :1540054 and if anyone could help me I would really appreciate that. Thanks!

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The best thing to do is read the emails you received when your accounts were disabled.  Actually, you can refer to any of the emails you should have received, all sent to different email accounts, regarding the multiple accounts you created; each describe the issue and tell you how to proceed.   I noted you said you didn't receive any emails; you may want to ensure emails are allowed from VATSIM from your email providers.

While you follow that process, you may also spend a few moments reviewing the VATSIM User Agreement, and the VATSIM Code of Conduct, which you agreed to when you first registered, and then you agreed to over and over again each time you created yet another fraudulent duplicate account. 

You should also stop trying to create additional duplicate accounts if you would like to participate and remain a member in this community.

If you are unable to view the emails, you may go to the VATSIM home page and select Member Help, which will also guide you.  Ultimately, you will need to open a Membership Support ticket to untangle the mess you've created with the multiple accounts in violation of the VATSIM User Agreement and the VATSIM Code of Conduct.


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Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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