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FLAi is temporarily offline

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Yeah noticed that as well, got a new pc thought i had backed up installer but doesn't look like it. Hope it comes online soon again miss flying on the network.

3 hours ago, nathaniel mitchell said:

has anyone eles noticed this has been down for sometime now, i caint seem to find any update when this will be back to normal so we can have model matching back, as this is very important 


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Posted (edited)

it just seems to be offline, no one has stated  whats going on or when it will be back,  with it being offline now for some time i would of thought they would of made some sort of effort explaining what's going on.

at the moment its line up after the 747 delta ohhh wait every aircrafts a crj 

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FLAi is a model set that gets installed on your computer. Once you have it installed, it will keep working. I don't understand what you mean when you say it's offline and now model matching doesn't work. That doesn't make any sense.

If the FLAi server is down, you just won't be able to use the FLAi application to update the model set, but the models you already have will continue to work fine.

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There is a recent issue between the people at FLAi and some  of the people who create the models and paint them. FLAi takes having permission to compile and redistribute the authors original works very seriously and will not allow the package to be downloaded without that permission. As a result, FLAi had to suspend operations until this issue is resolved. Let’s all hope for a quick and positive resolution to the problem.

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