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b738 showed as embraer 170/190 and floating on ground with gear up..

Roberto Ciocca

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Good day, and my compliment for the work done!.

I am looking for someone that has got same problem described in object and know how to fix it. I am practising on the system and everything works fine, but the aircraft representation. Embraer instead of B738...

I add a couple of file to clarify the situation. 

If I send my flight plan VATSIM shows on general map a 738 decal, but the aircraft is still shown as an embraer.

I am using zibo 3.44, Xplane for MAC 11.51. My friends (that visualise my aircraft on other PC) uses Prepar3d.

Thanks in advance for any help, rob.


Schermata 2021-01-11 alle 12.28.57.png

Schermata 2021-01-11 alle 12.30.28.png

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That is correct; the bluebell models are for your own viewing pleasure, and shouldn't affect how your own model is transmitted on the network. The latter is configured like here; I presume you have done this correctly (i.e., selected "B738"). Note specifically that what matters is the type you enter when connecting: the one in your flight plan is what ATC gets to see when they look at your flight strip, but when other sims render your aircraft, the one you connected with is the one they will use. Online maps such as SimAware or vau.aero may pick up the one from the flight plan though (which explains the "NULL", and why you get the correct one after filing a flight plan), so this isn't necessarily the best way to troubleshoot this. I'm afraid I don't use xsquawkbox myself, so I can't replicate, but if you have selected the right type when connecting, then that only leaves two possible culprits - xsquawkbox itself, or whatever model mapping happens on the other side (i.e., on your friend's computer).

What you can do to narrow it down:

  1. Find someone other than your friend, who has a working vatsim setup, to report your apparent aircraft type back to you. If it's a 737-800, then the problem is model mapping on your friend's end, if it's an Embraer, then the problem is on your end.
  2. Ask your friend to spawn in a busy airport that has a bunch of 738's around; if those other 738's are also shown as Embraers or other incorrect models, then the problem is model mapping on your friend's end.
  3. Try a different pilot client. Swift, for example, supports X-Plane on all supported OSes. If that solves it, then the problem is either with XSquawkbox itself, or with the way you use it (i.e., double-check that you're selecting the correct type when connecting, and if so, maybe consider reporting this as a bug against XSquawkbox).


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